Amy's Natural Health Journey

1. Why did you switch to more natural? I have extremely sensitive skin and eczema as well. During my third pregnancy my skin was out of control. I literally scratched my skin til it bled. After my daughter was born my skin settled down a little, but my scalp continued to itch. I went to washing my hair every 3-4 days and it helped a little, but I would still scratch my head raw. I have scratched one spot so much that I ruined the hair follicles and I have a permanent bump on my head. That was when I decided I needed to do something different. After reading tons of stories on the internet, I decided to go without shampoo. I am on day 44 of washing my hair with water. ( I also decided to go bare minimum cleansing my body and only use soap under my arms and around my groin area. The difference is huge. The sores on my arms are almost completely healed. And the itching has diminished greatly. I am going to try some natural soaps I found on your site.)

2. What changes have you noticed in your health? My scalp no longer itches like it used to. I hardly ever scratch it. My hair did go through a huge adjustment period. I have very long dark blonde hair and it felt greasy after the 2nd week.

After week 4, I could feel the difference in the hair strand as the natural oils traveled down the shaft. I am overall very happy with the result. My hair does have more volume and I love, love, love not scratching all the time. I did do a vinegar rinse yesterday (day 43) and I love the shine it gave to my hair. I do still have a small spot on the back head that still feels a little oily. I don't know if is because I sleep on my back, but the tradeoff is huge. I will definitely take a small spot of oil over bleeding sores and scabs on my head. I would recommend anyone with an itchy scalp to try this.

3. What are some of your favorite natural products? Umm. Since I am new to this, the only one I can say I have used is the Bragg organic raw Apple cider vinegar. I am heading to the health store today to purchase some of the redmond clay to see if it helps with the oily spot on the back of my head.

Oh, the pink shirt picture is day 43 before my vinegar rinse.

Update: Day 56

Okay it has been 56 days of no shampoo and I'm still loving it. 2 weeks ago I started washing my face with a baking soda honey mixture and my adult acne has diminished greatly. I wondered what would happen if I put this mixture on my hair. Yesterday I gave it a try. The mixture was very sticky and I put on dry hair. It was difficult to rub in. Next time I do it, I will have my hair damp and I will part my hair into sections and put it directly onto my scalp and rub it in. I left it on for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinsed it out with warm water. and I loved, loved, loved it. My hair had a light airy feeling to it just like it used to have when I used shampoo, but no itching scalp! I will definitely do that mask again.

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