Ginger's Natural Health Journey

My name is Ginger Davis, and I would like to share mine and my husband Jason's natural journey. In June of 2010, my husband received the shock of his life when he was leaning on the refrigerator in the break room at work. He is the shop foreman/fiberglass technician at a marina, and was called in on his day off during a thunderstorm to pump out a sinking boat. They saved the boat, he went into the shop, took off his boots, poured out the water, took off his shirt, wrung it out, picked up the phone, dialed my number to call and tell me he would be home soon, put his hand on the metal hinge of the refrigerator, and that is when it happened. Lightning struck, came through the refrigerator, traveled up his left arm, through his body, and out of his right leg. After two years of seeking treatment and him being in constant pain while struggling with depression, we finally found someone who could help. She is a chiropractor who specializes in acupuncture, applied kinesiology, and nutrition/enzyme therapy. She had us complete change our entire lifestyle which includes eating only whole organic foods, no wheat/gluten, sugar, and started him on enzymes and supplements as part of his treatment. I am happy to say, that I am now doing the same. I took it a step further and did some research. What I found out was startling. If the additives in our foods were so bad, what about our beauty products and cleaning supplies? Well, I was correct in my guess that those ingredients were harmful to our health as well. So I began my search to find organic beauty and cleaning supplies. These things are not easy to find in rural southern Illinois and when you do find them, they are very expensive. I happened upon your website today, and you could only imagine my glee when I realized the BEST thing I can do is to make my own beauty products and cleaning supplies. Since going organic, my husband and I have never felt better! This is only the beginning of our "Natural Journey", and I must say, I am very excited about it.

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