Anti-Aging Toner

This is a fantastic hydrating essence that is also an anti-aging toner. It is absolutely one of the best products I have ever made. I use it every night and sometimes in the morning too!e When I sold it, I called it my Oil Free Moisturizer.

I also saw this Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence on Spirit Beauty Lounge and actually ordered a sample of it. I made my own version and it turned out quite similar. I love this hydrating floral essence and use it every day. 1.7 ounce retails for $65.00. You can make your own for $5.00 a bottle.

Original Ingredients: water (aqua), rosa damascena flower water, neroli distillate, aloe barbadensis leaf juice,lavender flower water, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) distillate, radish root extract, sodium hyaluronate, willow bark extract, gotu kola extract, rice extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder, soy peroxidase , superoxide dismutase.

The below is a testimonial from a customer who bought this product when I was selling it.

"I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you that your oil free moisturizer saved my skin.  I have suffered from adult acne and now my skin is clear thanks to samples I received from which turned into a full size purchase from your company.  Your products are fantastic and did wonders for me.  Thank you so much!  You have a customer for life."  -Nicole

My Ingredients for Anti-Aging Toner or Oil Free Moisturizer

Distilled Water 5 TBS

Aloe Vera Gel 7 TBS

Rose Water 2 TBS

Witch Hazel 2 TBS

Glycerin 2 tsp

Hyaluronic acid 1/2 tsp

Vitamin C powder 1/8 tsp

Geranium or Lavender essential oil 6 drops

Blend water, aloe vera gel, rose water and witch hazel in a blender. In a small glass container, stir the hyaluronic acid powder into the glycerin. Stir until the powder is totally blended in. Pour the glycerin and hyaluronic acid mixture into the blender and blend. Add the vitamin C and essential oils and blend. Pour into any bottle with a pump. This recipe will make about 7 ounces or almost 1 cup.

You may also add 1/4 tsp of thyme extract, ginger extract, chamomile extract, willow bark extract, gotu kola or calendula extract. May sure the extracts are glycerin based and not oil based.

You can also use different essential oils. I would recommend rose, helichrysum, rosewood or jasmin.

How to Use

Simply apply this productto your face morning and night and whenever you need refreshing. It is moisturizing so you may not need to follow with a moisturizer. Since I have dry skin, I usually apply a serum as well.

Where to Buy Ingredients for Anti-Aging Toner

The aloe vera gel, witch hazel and rose water can be purchased at Mountain Rose Herbs. I always get my hyaluronic acid from I buy the SLMW. It works amazing. You can buy enough for 1 batch (1g) for $4.75 or 5 grams for $14.95. The hyaluronic acid is super important because it holds moisture on the skin. It is the ingredient that makes this product moisturizing. I never want to dry out my skin so that it why I love this product.

I pour this product into a brown glass 2 ounce bottles with a treatment pump. These bottles cost less than a dollar each and can be purchased at Sunburst

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