Baby Recipes for Baby Skin

I love making these baby recipes because they are fast, simple and good for my little babies.

I get my oils from Mountain Rose Herbs. I also get essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs and Aromatics International. Aromatics International oils cost a little more but there are tested with gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to ensure that they are 100% pure. DoTerra also has amazing essential oils. They are the most expensive of the three companies.

Homemade Baby Wipes

1 cup water

1 TBS Dr. Bronner's Organic Castile Soap (any kind but peppermint)

5 drops essential oil (lavender, tea tree or both)


1 tsp Vitamin E

1 TBS Aloe vera gel

Put several folded paper towels (I like Bounty) in an oil wet wipes container. Mix the ingredients above and dump over paper towels. If they dry out, just add more water.

Homemade Baby Oil

Purchase a bottle of sweet almond oil or jojoba oil. Mix in 10 drops of lavender oil and shake. This is a perfect baby skincare. It is smooth, not too oil and leaves the skin soft and moist.

Homemade Diaper Rash Cream

1 small jar (Specialty Bottle)

Coconut oil (Coast Coconut Farms)

Zinc Oxide (you can get zinc oxide at PV Soap under mineral makeup ingredients)

Tea tree oil

Fill the jar about 3/4 full of coconut oil. Mix in as much zinc oxide as will fit. Add 5-10 drops of tea tree oil and mix. The tea tree oil is very effective against yeast and yeast causes a lot of diaper rash.

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