Baby Soap Recipe

This baby soap recipe is great for a body wash and shampoo. It is super easy to make, only requires four ingredients and will not dry out your babies sensitive skin.

It is very similar to the Burt's Bees kind but with less ingredients.

Why Make Your Own Baby Wash

Many grocery store baby baby shampoos and body washes contain harmful sulfates. Sulfates are known carcinogens and quickly absorb into the bloodstream. They also can contain harmful preservatives and synthetic fragrances which you will definitely wan't to avoid.

My recipe is so easy and the ingredients are simple to find.

Vegetable glycerin is found at most health food stores and on

Natural cleansers or mild detergents that I like to use in this recipe include coco-betaine, decyl glucoside and coco-glucoside. You can also use Dr. Bronner's castile soap. Dr. Bronner's is the easiest to find. I just saw it at Walgreens. It doesn't foam as much as the other cleansers but you will learn as you use natural products, you don't have to have the suds to be clean.  Coco-betaine, decyl glucoside and coco-glucoside are available at and can sometimes be found on ebay and Amazon.


Vegetable glycerin 1 cup

Purified water 1/3 cup

Natural cleanser (see above) 1/4 cup

Natural oil (olive, coconut, almond, etc.) 1 TBS

Essential oils (lavender, geranium, tea tree, helichrysum, spruce or rosewood) 20 drops

Empty clean, plastic bottle with lid (12 oz)

Add all ingredients to a glass container that has a spout to make it easy to pour into a bottle. Stir and pour into bottle. You don't want to blend this one in a blender or magic bullet. It will get super bubbly and take hours to calm down.

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