Essential Oils for Skin

Essential oils are great for your skin. This page talks about the very best essential oils for skin.

I love to add a few drops of essential oils to every face serum. They also work great in body serums. Some of my favorite carrier oils are sweet almond, argan, coconut, borage seed, rosehip and apricot oils.


Helichrysum is amazing for the skin. It has many restorative properties and aids in skin healing. It is also called Immortal and Everlasting because of its unique anti-aging properties. It can penetrate deep into the skin to heal tissue at a cellular level. Helichrysum is quite expensive but very potent. Mix two to four drops in four ounces of almond or jojoba oil for an healing skin serum. Great for acne, eczema, wound healing and preventing aging.


Lavender has many uses. For skin it relieves sunburn instantly and prevents skin damage. I use it constantly for all types of burns. It is calming and soothing to the skin and is also anti-bacterial.

Lavender is great to add to any serum or lotion. It has antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Add a few drops to your night to aid in sleep. I keep some by my bed. I rub a little under my nose at night to help me sleep better.


Rosewood has been known to increase skin elasticity. It has anti-aging and anti-candida properties and may eliminate candida infection in skin. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.

Recent research has shown rosewood to have anti-skin cancer properties and may prevent skin cancer. It is also calming and soothing to the spirit and emotions. It has a sweet, woodsy, light floral aroma.


Geranium is toning and cleansing for the skin. It has anti-bacterial and astringent properties but is not drying. It is cooling and clears heat and inflammation. It balances sebum production and can balance excessive oily skin or dry skin. It is cooling and clears heat and inflammation. It balances sebum production and can balance excessive oily skin or dry skin.

Geranium is an absolute blessing when dealing with PMS. PMS can cause acne and stress which leads to more breakouts. Geranium also relieves menstrual cramps and hormone headaches. It balances adrenal glands and aids in adrenal gland function.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Tea tree essential oil has been shown in multiple studies to be effective against acne causing bacteria. it is also effective against bacteria that can lead to prolonged eczema rashes. It is a great anti-fungal as well and works even better in combination with other essential oils such as eucalyptus, geranium, sandalwood, rosewood, lemongrass and vetiver.


Sage is very beneficial in healing old scars. Sage should always be diluted in a carrier oil at less than 1%. Sage oil is beneficial in treating cellulite and healing stretch marks. It is also helpful in treating depression and is emotionally calming and uplifting. Women may find it particularly helpful during menstruation. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use sage.


Thyme oil (acne)

Vetiver (age spots and skin discolorations)

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