Female Balance Supplement

Do you know any woman who considers herself hormonally balanced? Yea, me neither, including myself! I wanted to balance my hormones naturally without synthetic or bioidentical hormones. I found an awesome supplement from Awareness Health called Female Balance. It was costing me about $40 a bottle. I loved it so much that I decided to make my own. The original Female Balance supplement has about 18 herbs in it and my formula has 11 of those herbs. I made the supplement and have really enjoyed taking it. I can definitely tell when I forget to take it!

I spent about $100 getting all of the herb and should be able to make about 30 bottles worth. Because I bought plenty of herbs, I had plenty to share with friends.  So far I have had 4 friends try it and all of them say they have felt better taking it. The results have included feeling calmer, happier, more energetic, sleeping better and noticing a difference in mood when not taking it.

I am not a doctor or a herbalist. I am just trying to save some money and help people help themselves. The herbs in this formula are herbs that have been proven to help with many female problems associated with hormone imbalance.

You may need all of the herbs or you may feel like you only need four or five of them. They are so gentle that they are safe for most people but please consult your doctor if you are unsure.

Some of the herbs were a little difficult to find. To get all of them, I had to shop on amazon, ebay and Mountain Rose Herbs. Some or the herbs I found in dried leaf form and blended the leaves to a powder in my Magic Bullet. You will also need 00 capsules and a 00 capsule filler to put these in capsules. Or you can put them in tea bags.


Angelica root powder 1/2 cup

Yarrow root powder 1/2 cup

Chinese peony root powder 1/2 cup

Damiana leaf powder 1/3 cup

Peppermint leaf powder 1/3 cup

Passionflower powder 1/4 cup

Solomon's seal (polygonatum) 1/4 cup

Valerian powder 1/4 cup

Dandelion powder 3 TBS

Chaste tree (vitex) 3 TBS

Rosemary powder 2 TBS

Mix all powders together in a bowl. Fill your capsule filler with the large part on the capsule. Spread the powder into the capsules. Remove the litte plastic things that hold up the capsule filler and let it drop down. Then cap the capsules. Store the female balance supplement capsules in an empty bottle. They should be good for years. This is a large batch and will probably make about 600 capsules.

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