Gluten Free Grains

When I was 17, I discovered that whole wheat was causing eczema. We actually didn't have a lot of whole wheat in our home because my mom couldn't tolerate it. I didn't realize that it was causing me problems as well until I was sitting at a friends house eating a whole wheat sandwich. Within minutes of eating the sandwich, I started getting little red bumps on my legs. I finally realized that it was the cause of the eczema I had suffered with my whole life. I quit eating it and the my skin was much clearer.

Could Innocent Wheat Be Ruining Your Skin?

The wheat that is in most breads, cereal, cookies and crackers is not the same wheat that was consumed by the hardy pioneers. This wheat has been genetically modified so many times it is hardly the same product. It contains much more gluten which has led to the gluten intolerance epidemic. It also can contribute to leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease.

Wheat can reak havoc on your skin if you are sensitive to gluten. Gluten is difficult to digest and can leak into the bloodstream undigested. This can irritate the skin and lead to all kinds of skin disorders.

I now love rice, teff, quinoa, sorghum and lots of other gluten free grains. I am always trying to figure out some new delicious recipes. Try these awesome gluten free chocolate chip cookies and this delicious apple crisp recipe.

Chia seeds are awesome addition to any diet but especially a gluten free diet. Try this great chia seed salsa recipe and learn more about chia seeds.

Quinoa-An Amazingly Nutritious Food

Quinoa is one of my favorite foods. It is not actually a grain or a seed but very similar to both and can be used just like a natural grain. It is actually most closely related to spinach and beets. It is a round light cream colored little ball. It is pronounced keyn-wa and is native to the South American Andes. It was a prized food of the Incas. Unfortunately, the conquistadores forbid them to grow it because they saw how important and beneficial it was to the Incas. However, now it is grown in Peru, Columbia and Ecuador.

While it is not a grain, it can be served in place of rice. It has a nice nutty flavor. It is higher in protein than any other grain. It contains a very balanced amount of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and it is best to have a variety of them. For this reason I have found that I can eat a bowl of the "seed" and be completely satisfied. It must be cooked in order to be properly digested.

It is gluten free. This makes it a great food for those with celiac disease or a wheat allergy. It is also very low glycemic. It is a 35 on the glycemic index where wheat is 120. Those with diabetes should try to eat foods below 70.

It can also be ground and used as a flour. I like to add it at one-fourth of the flour ingredients. It works very well in pancakes, waffles, brownies, muffins and sweet breads.

It can be purchased at most health food stores including Whole Foods. It is usually $2.50 to $3.99 a pound. It is a little more expensive than most grains but it is worth it for the nutrition. I also get it at Costco. It may not be available at all Costcos. The brand I get is called TruRoots. It is delicious but not different than the bulk food kind.

I have experimented with many delicious quinoa recipes.

There is an amazing website that offers several organic, natural grains as well as many other great products. It is called Azure Standard. You have to create an account and login to see the prices. The quinoa is only $2.00 a pound and most items are 30% to 50% less than most stores. You do have to order at least $50 worth and go to the drop point to pick up your order.

Tree Street Grains

I was at the Farmer's Market and I found this amazing gluten free pancake mix. It contains nine grains - sorghum, corn, millet, rice, teff, buckwheat, quinoa, and wild rice. I have used it to make these gluten free muffins also and it has been delicious. It is reasonably priced, $7.50 for 32 ounces and from a little company which I like. The website is They also have a sixteen grain mix that does have gluten.

Chocolate Fudge Brownies - No Gluten

Do you love brownies? Who doesn't? Try this amazing gluten free brownie recipe and be completely satisfied!

Millet - A very nutritious gluten free grain.

I love millet recipes. Millet is a very mild grain and very gentle on the digestive system.

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