Haylie's Health Journey

Hello. My name is Haylie, and I’m a Naturalholic. I’ve been an addict for a little over a year now. This is my story…

THE ONSET: It all started about eight years ago while I was living in Ecuador. Over the course of about a year, my health took an inexplicable turn for the ugly. I contracted all kinds of colds, amoebas, parasites, and even managed to break my tailbone. During a persistent battle with a mystery disease that had the symptoms of mono, horrible pain and nausea spurred a trip to the hospital. Threateningly large gallstones then lead me back to the States for surgery.

THE DOOM & GLOOM: Doctors could never pin down a diagnosable condition for my lack of energy and frequent illnesses, and removing my gallbladder didn’t appear to solve anything. After months of many-a-disappointing doctor visit, I gave up on the medical industry and just figured unhealthiness was something I’d have to live with. Over the following five years I continued to get sick very easily and very often, without changing my diet or exercise level I gained weight non-stop, I struggled with anxiety and sleep issues, and was fairly miserable about my condition.

THE RAY OF HOPE: Enter the game-changer…A couple of years ago a friend referred me to an integrative doctor. My body was seriously messed up, and it made all the difference to work with someone who cared about discovering why I had issues instead of just throwing antibiotics at me after a 5 second appointment. Health is a never-ending journey, but since working on balancing vitamin levels and hormones, addressing food sensitivities, and more. Now I have much more energy, I don’t get sick nearly as much and when I do it doesn’t last as long, I have lost 37% of my weight (and counting), I have virtually eliminated anxiety, I no longer need hard core sleep medication, and I just feel a ton better all around. That doctor also turned me on to the world of clean living.

THE DISCOVERY: Little bits and pieces would come out in our appointments about toxins in one thing or another, but I think the turning point for me was when he told me about the Environmental Working Group website and the ratings they have on cosmetics. Well, that was my gateway drug! There is so much information there, and it totally struck a chord with me.

THE NEW LIFE: I’m now filled with an insatiable craving for education on how our bodies work, how different chemicals/toxins mess with how we should be functioning, what alternatives we can use in place of harmful mainstream options, and so much more! It’s a wonder how I just went along living life without a care for what was in my lotions or the food I ate and how it could impact my health. My world has expanded, and light bulb moments have become a daily occurrence as I discover causes of diseases, prevention methods, treatment options, and how much the world has to offer that I was oblivious to, like jojoba oil and almond milk. And it’s incredible how everything I study just makes so much sense! Now, execution of everything I’m learning is a process, there are still habits I need to ditch and others I have yet to embrace, but I’m really enjoying the path!

well·ness [wel-nis] –noun The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

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