Homemade Masks - The Clay/Honey Experiment

I love homemade masks. I love clay and I love raw honey. I love how amazingly natural they are and I love what they do for my skin so I decided to do what I call the Clay/Honey Experiment.

For two weeks I did a raw honey mask for 10-20 minutes every morning. I followed that with a clay mask for 10-20 minutes. I used Redmond clay.

Every night I did the same thing but in reverse. After washing my face, I did the clay mask first then the raw honey mask.

I saw fabulous results! I even had several people ask me what I was doing differently. My skin looked like it had been resurfaced. If was softer and smoother with less clogged pores. It looked alive. After the two weeks I am still doing the masks a couple of times a week and am loving the difference that it made.

How to Make a Clay Mask

1 tsp Redmond clay

Sprinkle of water

Pour or scoop a little clay into your hand. Sprinkle water over the clay and mix until you get a paste. Rub all over face.

Why It Works

Raw honey is fulls of vitamins and minerals but most importantly enzymes. Enzymes break down dead skin cells and can actually tell the difference between dead skin cells and live skin cells. This leaves the skin feeling much softer.

Also, it is a natural humectant which means it moisturizes the skin. It also tastes great. I love licking it off of my lips! The first couple of times you may have some redness and burning. This is totally normal and will reduce over time.

Redmond clay or sodium bentonite is an alkaline substance. That means it is negatively charge. That charge has a drawing power and pulls toxins out of the skin. It is also loaded with minerals that are great for the skin. You may also have redness and itchiness with this mask as it dries. That is also normal due to the clay drawing blood to the skin.

Give it a try, you will love the results.

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