Homemade Supplements-Candida Clear

Homemade Supplements-Candida Clear

Most people at some time or another struggle with candida. If you have never been on an antibiotic, never eat sugar or processed foods, never eat white flour and limit fruit intake you are probably not going to struggle with candida. However, there are very few people that fit into that category. 

Candida is naturally in our bodies but we don't want too much of it. Too much can cause all kinds of skin problems including acne and eczema. Too much can also lead to chronic fatigue and autoimmune disorders as well as a weakened immune system.

My husband's microbial flora got thrown out of balance after having to get several immunizations to be able to go into operating rooms for a new job. Immunizations are loaded with antibiotics and toxic chemicals that kill friendly bacteria. I looked at several candida supplements and realized I already had most of the ingredients to make our own.


1/2 cup Pau d'arco herbal powder

1/4 cup Dandelion herbal powder

1/4 cup Clove herbal powder

2 TBS Cinnamon

2 TBS Peppermint leaf powder

2 TBS Tumeric

Other herb powders which would be great to add are: garlic powder, oregano powder, echinacea powder and black walnut powder at 2 TBS each.

Simply pour these herbs into a bowl and mix. You will want to buy a capsule filler. It is a plastic tray with holes for the capsules. You put the capsules in and slide the powder over the capsules. Then you will lower the tray so that you are able to put the caps on the capsules. 

This is so easy to make and will save you a ton of money. Most supplements are marked up 1000%. You could probably make 500 capsules for that same amount of money that you would spend on one bottle of high quality candida clear supplement. You will want to take 2-4 capsules a day.

Oil Based Candida Clear

I also made a candida supplement that was oil based. There are many oils that are extremely beneficial to the gut health and help to clear out candida.

In this supplement you will mix together beneficial oils and then use a dropper to drop the oils into the capsules. You will want to refrigerate the oils ASAP so that the oil will not leak out of the capsules. These will have to stay in the fridge. All of the below ingredients can be purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs.


1/4 cup coconut oil (Tropical Traditions Gold Label is best)

1/4 cup neem oil

20 drops clove essential oil

20 drops oregano essential oil

20 drops tea tree essential oil

This is a basic recipe. You could add other essential oils such as ginger, lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, black pepper and frankincense. You could also add other beneficial oils such as flaxseed oil, borage seed oil or sea buckthorn berry oil.

Melt down the coconut oil in a double boiler. Only heat until it is melted. Take it off the heat and add the other oils. Using a dropper, drop the oils into capsules. I have a 00 size capsule filler so I usually buy 00 NOW brand capsules. Cap the capsules and put the capsules in a bottle. I save all of my supplement bottles so that I can reuse them. Put the capsules in the fridge. You will want to take 1-3 capsules every day.