Natural Journeys

Are you on a natural journey? Would you like to share your story and inspire others?

If so email me at

Please answer these questions in your email.

1. Why did you switch to more natural?

2. What changes have you noticed in your health?

3. What are some of your favorite natural products?

Also, you may include a favorite recipe for food, cleaning or body care, a favorite website or resource, or reviews of products good or bad.

If I would like to publish your story, you will receive some great skincare samples in the mail.

Haylie's Journey

Haylie served a church mission in Ecuador and became very sick. Read all about her recovery and why she chose a more natural approach.

Ginger's Journey

After Ginger's husband was hit by lightning he experienced many health problems. Be inspired by their natural journey here.

Amy's Journey

Amy suffered from very itchy eczema all over her body and scalp. Read about Amy's natural health journey to learn what she is doing to heal her skin.

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