Natural Skin Care

For years I felt strange rubbing artificially colored, artificially fragranced lotion on my body, but I didn’t realize that there was natural skincare alternative. Sometimes, I used olive oil but it wasn’t as luxurious as the highly advertised lotions and face creams in the mall.

About five years ago I committed to using only natural skin care products on my body. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. I used to always have an oily t-zone. After using a moisturizer with natural oils in it, I no longer have oily skin. My skin all over my body is softer and smoother. I have also felt healthier by not constantly subjecting my body to unwanted chemicals.

Ingredients to look for in natural skin care include natural oils, aloe vera gel, herbs, fruit extracts and essential oils. Preparations with alpha hydroxy acid are safe and great for exfoliating skin. Also resveratol and hyaluronic acid are naturally occurring substances and safe.

Sometimes the scientific names are used for Vitamin E, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. These additives are also safe in natural skincare products.

I have many great recipes below to teach you how to easily make your own skincare. If you would prefer to by natural skincare visit this natural products page.

Make Your Own Natural Skin Care

I have also found some great home remedies that are fast, easy and really work.

Finely ground sea salt mixed with any facial cleanser is an awesome exfoliator. Redmond clay mixed with water is the one of the best detoxifying masks. Raw honey is extremely softening and anti-inflammatory. It takes the redness out of skin in a couple of hours. Egg white tightens skin and shrinks pores.

Click on the links below to make your own facials, sunscreen, homemade facial cleanser and more.

Natural Facial Moisturizers

There are so many amazing natural oils that can be used as facial moisturizers. I like to alternate using oils with a natural moisturizer because I feel like I get more healing from the undiluted oils. You can find many oils at Mountain Rose Herbs. My favorite oil for the face is jojoba oil. It is the most closely related to our skin's natural oils and provides amazing smoothing and moisture. I also found some fabulous argan oil at Argan oil is best when it has a sweet nutty fragrance.

Other great oils for the face are:

  • borage seed oil
  • sweet almond oil
  • coconut oil
  • argan oil
  • kukui nut oil
  • carrot seed oil

These oils can be combined in any way you like. You can also add your favorite essential oils for a healing, aromatic serum.

Do you struggle with eczema? Visit my baby eczema page to find out some ways to help the skin heal and build a stronger barrier against skin irritants.

Ingredients to Avoid

Many of the ingredients in mainstream skincare have been proven to be carcinogenic. They are still broadly used, however, and unless you are buying a product that says 100% natural, you are most likely getting a dose of carcinogens.

Some of the worst ingredients are sulfates, phthalates, parabens, PEGS and glycols. You should also avoid products containing petroleum, parrafins and mineral oil.

Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfate is in almost all cleansers, body washes and shampoos. It easily breaks the skins barrier and penetrates deep into the skin carrying other chemicals with it.

Phthalates have been shown too influence hormones, they are found in artificial fragrances. They are also used in soft plastic like those cute rubber duckies. Phthalates have been banned in California and some countries in the UK.

Parabens are usually listed as methylparaben or butylparaben. There structure mimics hormones and they have been found in breast cancer tumors.

Propylene glycol is used as a moisturizer but it can actually cause dermatitis. It is especially toxic to the liver and kidneys.

Toluene is a found in many fragrances and can be fatal if swallowed.

If you are curious about whether an ingredient or product is safe or not you can search for it on the EWG skin deep database. A score of 0,1 or 2 means that the ingredient or product has been found to be safe.

Skin is a Meter of Overall Health

Our skin serves as a meter of our overall health. If there is something wrong with the skin, there is most likely something wrong with our diet and overall health or the skin pH is not acidic enough.

Eating a healthy diet, avoiding processed foods and getting plenty of sleep will of course be beneficial. For most people it is really hard to reduce stress so the best thing to do is find some time to relax every day. I take a long hot bath almost every night to help me relax before bedtime.  If you would like to help your body cleanse toxins there are many different things that you can try. Adding lemon juice or lemon oil aids in detoxification. One of my favorite supplements for clearing up the skin is called Clear from Awareness Health. This product helps clean out the body. It clears everything from environmental toxins to parasites that may be lurking in your system. Another great toxin binder is activated charcoal. It has the ability to absorb much more than its weight. Cilantro also has great detoxifying power. A cilantro/pineapple smoothie or raw juice is a delicious, cleansing drink.

Adding more fruits and veggies to your diet is a must. They also make your skin glow with more golden tones. Who doesn't love that?

This link has some amazing information and advice about skin from Laura Bradford, a licensed aesthetician. Laura Bradford's studio is located at Image Studio, 177 W 12300 S Draper, Utah.

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