Natural Hair Care Products

Natural hair care products can sometimes be difficult to find and expensive. I have found some good products, please email me if you have any you could recommend.

Whole Foods has a very inexpensive shampoo and conditioner that is their own brand. It is only $2.50 for an 8 ounce bottle. It works okay and good if you are on a budget.

"John Masters" is one of the best natural hair care out there and is a little more expensive but it very good quality.

"Aubrey Organics" has a decent hair care line. I have tried their gel and been very happy with it.

"Burt's Bees" baby shampoo and body wash worked great for my baby, I quit shampooing my baby's hair though when I quit shampooing mine, but I still like it as a body wash. The downside is that it does have an artificial fragrance but is almost 100% natural.

"Your Crown and Glory" is the best natural shampoo and conditioner that I have tried. It is available at It is formulated to help thinning hair and I really loved it and know a lot people that also love it.

I use very little hair product. That last time I used hairspray was at my sister's wedding four years ago. Please email me at if you have any good product recommendations.

Also keep in mind that most hair "oils" have products ending in -cone in them. These are not good for your hair!

If you want to use a hair oil, it is best to use very small amounts of coconut oil or argan oil. I do this sometimes and really like it.

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