Organic Baby

I love my babies. I don't want to put harmful substances on their little bodies. So I make most of the organic baby product that I put on them.

Most brands of wet wipes contain propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is found in anti-freeze and hydraulic fluid. It can cause kidney and liver damage.

For that reason I make homemade baby wipes.

Most baby oils are mainly mineral oil and synthetic fragrance. Mineral oil is useless to the body. It goes through the body pulling with it minerals and vitamins and is then removed from the body as waste. It takes with it valuable nutrients like vitamins A and D. Mineral oil has been linked to cancer, allergies and immunotoxicity.

For that reason I make my own baby oil and baby lotion.

I also make my own diaper rash cream and just created an amazing baby soap recipe.

Click here to learn how to make homemade baby wipes, homemade baby oil, and homemade diaper rash cream.

Baby Eczema

Does your baby have eczema. Both of mine did. It can be very frustrating and difficult to figure out what is wrong. One most important elements for me for figuring out what was causing the rash. It was mainly detergents, wheat/gluten and foods like tomato sauce.

See how I cured my kids baby eczema.

Natural Childbirth

Have you considered natural childbirth? Do you wonder if you are tough enough? I had those same questions about before the birth of my children. Read more about my experiences with natural childbirth.

Kids Teeth

Do you struggle like I do keeping your kids teeth healthy? Find out what I like to use for kids toothpaste and some great ways to keep your children's teeth white and clean without using chemicals in their little absorbent mouths.

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