Organic Makeup

I have always loved makeup but for the majority of my life I have not used organic makeup. I remember standing in the cosmetics aisle in Walmart when I was about 15 years old. I was picking out a new foundation and I wondered what was in it. I looked at the bottle and could not recognize any of the ingredients. This was pre-Google so I couldn't go home and look up the ingredients. I hoped that someday I would know enough to make my own makeup.

Then came mineral makeup. I began watching the BareMinerals infomercials at age 23 and was dying to try it which I did about a year later. At this time I was looking up everything on Google and looked up all of the ingredients. I found out they were all pretty safe except for the bismuth oxychloride. A lot of women I have talked to said that BareMinerals dried their skin out.

I loved and used BareMinerals for 3 years and also tried RAW minerals which I like ever better than BareMinerals.

RMS beauty also has a great line of mineral makeup. I haven't tried it but I have heard a lot of great things about it. RMS makeup can be purchase at

I have tried Vapour Organic Beauty. The foundation stick was really nice but not quite enough coverage. I LOVE their siren lipstick.

Making My Own Mineral Makeup

After trying several different kinds of makeup. I finally decided to try to make my own! It was quite simple after a little trial and error but I did start making my own mineral makeup. I love making it and love what I have come up with so far.

I don't use bismuth oxychloride in my makeup. I use titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, kaolin clay, mica, and iron oxides. I also add some essential oils.

If you would prefer to use mineral makeup in the liquid form, you can mix a little bit of coconut oil in an old, clean jar with some mineral makeup. This should be used immediately. If you want your mixture to last longer add some vitamin E and essential oils. I have found that if you add about 1/4 as much vitamin E and essential oils as the coconut oil, it will last at least a month. It may separate slightly but you can stir it back up.

Make Your Own Mineral Makeup

If you are interested in making your own mineral makeup you only need about 7 ingredients that you can buy at one website, Visit how to make mineral makeup for several great recipes.

For more information on how to begin to make your own cosmetics and great recipes to get started click visit organic makeup recipes.

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