Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw honey (R.H.)is an amazing treat. It not only tastes delicious it contains over 20 vitamins, minerals and 5,000 live enzymes. Raw honey can be used in baking but I like it best in no bake treats. See below for a great no bake recipe.

It aids digestion and soothes ulcers. It also stimulates the appetite and is a great food for the malnourished. Bacteria cannot grow in honey and honey never spoils. This also means that it does not ferment in your stomach as many sugars will.

I have used it several times to relieve a sore throat or cough. It is very soothing to mix R.H. in hot water with fresh squeezed lemon or lemon essential oil.

I love using R.H. on my skin as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial treatment. I put honey on my skin at night where there in redness and in the morning the redness is gone. I also have seen huge improvements in eczema by putting it on a rash overnight. This is due to the anti-bacterial and humectant properties of R.H. The enzymes also help break down dead skin cells.

A company out of Maryland called Really Raw Honey has this amazing R.H. that has the pollen and wax on the top. The honey is thick and creamy.

Prickly Rock Honey out of Wallsburg, Utah has a great light colored honey that is super delicious. I have seen benefits in skin and stomach issues with this honey.

Baking with Raw Honey

When baking with R.H. you should substitute one cup of raw honey for one cup of sugar up to one cup. If a recipe calls for two cups of sugar you should only use 1 2/3 cups of honey.

Reduce the liquid by one fourth. For example if you are making a cake that calls for 1 cup of water, only put in 3/4 cup of water. Also bake the recipe at 25 degrees lower because honey burns easily.

Granola Bar Recipe

This is one of my favorite R.H. treats.

1 cup coconut

1 cup crushed pecans or almonds blended to a powder in blender

1/4 R.H.

1 TBS coconut oil

1/4 tsp sea salt

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Press in a 8 x 8 glass dish. Freeze for 15 minutes, cut into bars and store in freezer. These are best eaten frozen so they don't fall apart. They can also be formed into balls and frozen.

Chocolate Sauce

I like to make a chocolate sauce from R.H., cocoa powder and coconut oil. In a small bowl stir 1/4 cup R.H with 1 TBS of coconut oil. Add 1/4 cup of cocoa powder. If the mixture is hard to stir together add 1 tsp of hot water. This makes a great chocolate topping for the granola bars, ice cream, berries or whatever you like.

R.H. is not for babies under twelve months or diabetics.

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