Skin Care Recipes

I love looking at the latest natural skincare products. Since I don't want to spend $80 for a 1.7 ounce bottle of product, I make my own skin care recipes by copying the ingredients in the expensive products. Below are some of the products that I have copied and the recipes to go along. Good luck! Most of these are pretty simple and you can learn how to make skin care by following these recipes.

May Lindstrom,The Clean Dirt. I saw this product on Spirit Beauty Lounge and realized that I already had a lot of the ingredients. So I mixed up my own version and I love it! This fantastic product retails for $60.00. Use this clay cleanser recipe to make a similar product for $4.00 a bottle!

I also saw this Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence on Spirit Beauty Lounge and actually ordered a sample of it. I made my own version and it turned out quite similar. I love this hydrating anti-aging toner and use it every day. 1.7 ounce retails for $65.00. You can make your own for $5.00 a bottle with this hydrating toner recipe.

This cleanse and hydrate balm from Stark Skincare is $40 for 2 ounces. I made a similar balm and I love it. My estimated cost was $3. This balm is amazing for cleaning dry skin. I used to use all kinds of cleansers and lots of water. Since I started using my homemade version of this cleansing balm to clean my skin, my pores are much smaller and I have had almost no breakouts. As soon as I try a water based cleanser my face breaks out!

This amazing serum by ila is super luxurious. It retails for $109 for 1 oz. I love making facial serums and have made a much less expensive serum that is very effective. I love my homemade anti-aging serum and I love that I spent about $109 for 12 ounces instead of 1 ounce!

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