Stevia, A Natural No Calorie Sweetener

Stevia is a natural no calorie sweetener. It comes from a plant commonly referred to as sweetleaf. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar. It can be bought in a powdered form or liquid. I have used the brands KAL and NOW and have been happy with both.

I have also used a vanilla cream flavored liquid extract from Sweetleaf and have really like it, especially in an orange julius smoothie. Sweetleaf has many different flavors to try.

You can purchase these at a health food store or

Many drinks are now coming out that contain natural sweeteners. This sweetener is definitely better than aspartame or sucralose but keep in my that processed drinks are generally not the best option. You best choice for drink are filtered water, fresh squeezed juices, wheatgrass juice and kombucha. Coconut kefir is also a very healthy drink. Stay away from pasteurized juices as they are often stripped of nutrients.

How to Use

I use this natural sweetener in herbal tea, smoothies, lemonade, chocolate milk, yogurt, on cereal, and in homemade lip balm.

I have tried to use it in baking but it hasn't gone so well. I also tried it in chocolate but it was bitter, however it does taste okay in my rice milk, cocoa (chocolate milk) mixture.

It is a perfect sweetener for diabetics because it a zero on the glycemic index. It is also safe on an candida cleanse diet.

Sweeten Green Smoothies

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